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Terms and Conditions of Hire

1.Receipt of confirmation and or the deposit / full payment by us, ‘A & K Events Ltd’ establishes a contractual agreement under our terms and conditions of hire. All equipment remains the property of A&K Events Ltd.
2.In respect of single Event bookings, the deposit is non - refundable unless 28 days notice of cancellation of the event date is received in writing by A & K Events Ltd.
3.Balance of payment is due in exceptional circumstances in cash upon delivery except Invoiced Bookings which should be settled in full 28 days in advance.
4.A&K Events Ltd reserves the right to charge late payment fees for overdue accounts.
5.A & K Events Ltd reserve the right to terminate this contract without notice should matters arise outside of our control that offer us concern for the safe use of our equipment. Such concerns include; 1) Extreme Weather Conditions including High Winds, Thunderstorms and Heavy Rainfall. 2) Unsuitable, or insufficient grounds or space for the equipment. This includes ceiling height where indoor use is intended. We will not position the castle within a metre of Rose bushes, Hawthorne Hedges and the like for obvious reasons. Current Health & Safety Legislation does not recommend the use of inflatable equipment on tarmac or gravel surfaces, even with the use of sandbags. We will however consider hard standing bookings providing there are 3 suitable corner fixing points to tie the unit to. (For clarification please speak to the office) N.B. Our company operates within, and our equipment meets, all European health and safety criteria. Please be aware that many, more recently available castles do not. We will not place profit before safety!
6.In the event of predicted wet weather, although the office will attempt to call clients the day before, it is the Hirers responsibility to make contact with A&K Events Ltd to discuss the options and availability of alternative equipment the day before. We do not offer a free wet weather cancellation policy. Light showers or intermittent showers will not usually stop a booking going ahead but additional advice and guidance will be given by the office. If left until the day it is unlikely we will be able to accommodate last minute changes and full fees will be due.
7.You, ‘The Hirer’ shall be responsible for ensuring there is adequate space and suitable ground for this unit. If on delivery the unit is too big for the proposed space the unit will be removed and full payment will be taken. (If you are unsure then please contact us to arrange a site survey).
8.A & K Events Ltd reserve the right to cancel this contract, without notice, should concern arise regarding the improper or miss use of our equipment. ‘Improper’ and ‘Miss use’ shall be determined by A & K Events Ltd.
9.The Hirer shall be responsible for any loss or damage caused to our equipment or its users caused directly, or indirectly by actions that fall outside the parameters of our terms and conditions of hire and or outside the parameters of the terms and conditions of our insurance. These include; Fire and Theft of any part or all of the equipment, moth or vermin damage, mechanical or electrical derangement, punctures, burns, rips or marks howsoever caused. All losses or Damage must be paid for.
10. The Hirer shall be deemed to have inspected the equipment and to have agreed that it is supplied in good condition unless he/she brings to the attention of ‘A & K Events Ltd’ before the setup team leave, any faults noted by the hirer.
11. A&K Events Ltd. Reserve the right to replace equipment booked with a similar type or value should reserved equipment become unserviceable due to damage or loss sustained prior to a booking.
12. A&K Events Ltd reserve the right to withdraw equipment or services from site if staff or Supervisors asses crowd conduct of guests and or clients constitute a danger or risk to safety to themselves, other guests or our property at an Event. A&K Events Staff will not tolerate verbal or physical abuse to their staff. No refund will be given whether equipment is temporarily or permanently withdrawn.
13. In the Event of equipment failure or breakdown you the client must inform us immediately. The hirer is not to attempt any repairs. A&K Events shall not be held liable for any equipment failure whilst the equipment is on hire.
14. Although every care will be made by our staff, A&K Events Ltd shall not be held responsible for any damage to fittings or furniture during the period of set up, removal or hire.
15. No persons under the influence of drink or drugs are permitted on the equipment.
16. NO Food and Drink, FACE PAINTS, Streamers, Pens, Party Poppers, Silly String, Detergents or liquids, Pets, Smoking, Footwear, Children’s Toys or Sharp objects are permitted on or near the Castle.
18. In hot weather, please do not allow water fights on the equipment, beside the obvious safety risks, they can take days to dry out on the inside and you will be liable for loss of business in the meantime.
19. Supervision must be given at all times whilst Children are using the Equipment. Safety guidelines, visible on the Equipment, should be strictly adhered to, in particularly the height restrictions. Children should only be allowed to bounce on the main bed and not the front step. This is a condition of hire.
20. A & K Events Ltd shall not be held liable for the first £500.00 of any claim that is made under their policy of insurance. This excess is the financial liability of the user.
21. The equipment must not be moved from the place it was set up, for any reason, without our knowledge or indeed our permission. If you wish to move it please call us and where possible we shall attend to reposition it for you.
22. All INFLATABLES are supplied with a minimum of 1 Safety Matt, Ground Sheet, 1 x 20 Metre Extension Cable with RCD Plug where possible, 1 Compatible Fan and a Bag containing 6 Securing Pegs. (Indoor hires will include 4 sandbags in place of ground sheet & pegs on request.) Should you require additional accessories please state this on the order form. If it doesnt state this on the Confirmation and or Invoice, it hasnt been booked!
23. Should it rain during the period of hire, we expect the hirer to leave the castle inflated unless a thunderstorm or Heavy rainfall poses a threat to the power supply. Do not use the equipment if wet. A towel can be provided to wipe over the equipment before you recommence use. Sumo & Roo Mats & Outfits and any Soft Play equipment we would expect to be taken indoors.
24. In the event of a child wetting or being sick on the castle, please wash over immediately with warm soapy water ( a mild washing up liquid will do ), and allow to dry before letting the children back on the castle. Please report any ‘accident’ to us upon collection so that we can clean the castle before its next use.
25. Any Instructions supplied along with equipment must be read, understood and followed by the person who is to be supervising the activity.
26. A cleaning fee of £25.00 - £75.00 will be levied if the unit is found to be unreasonably dirty on pick up. ‘Unreasonably dirty’ shall be determined by A & K Events Ltd.
27. No Insurance Company will provide Insurance Cover for any third party participant when hiring equipment un-staffed by A & K Events Ltd. Users participate at their own risk and A & K Events Ltd will not be held responsible for any loss or injury to any user, operator or bystander unless found to be negligent in a Court of law.
Date: 08 March 2011