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A&K Events Ltd holds a policy of Public Liability Insurance for 5 Million Pounds worth of cover. This cover value has been set as a result of advice from our Insurers, Manufacturers and from our experience.

This is also the minimum cover accepted by Herts County Council in their Guidelines for Schools.

Please be aware that NO Insurance Company offers protection for 3rd Party users. In other words, you will only have FULL COVER on our or any other hire companies’ policy if we or they are supervising the equipment during use or if we/ they are found to be negligent in our/their duty as a hirer in a court of law for unsupervised bookings. Any accident will have to have been caused as a direct result of our / their negligence if you choose hire only.

We recommend that you check your household policy if hiring for a back garden or speak to your insurers for any other Event to check you have the right cover in place.

Please ask Alison for further explanation and evidence.