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Carousel / Roundabout / Merry Go Round for Children

Traditional Carousel Ride

Another Fairground Favourite, the Carousel or more commonly known as our Merry Go Round has Buses and Cars and Horses galore to Ride. Parents can accompany small children on this ride with a maximum of 24 passengers at a time. 'Toys' are changed around from time to time to improve the look and keep up with Maintenance demands. Supplied with Fully Trained Operator & 10 Million Pounds worth of Public Liability Insurance all the hard work is done for you. An excellent choice for Fundraisiers of all types.

This Ride is 18 foot around so allow 22 feet (6.66m) of operational space for this item.

Access requirements are for an 8 foot by 23 (approx 6.9m) foot long trailor.

Prices depend on Where, When, the nature of the event and for How Long so please call the office for prices and availability.
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