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Generator 2.5kva

Our generators are only available to hire to Inflate our Equipment although if a larger one is available for multiple use to include one of our products we we are happy to help.

Our 2.5kva is the smallest of our Generators and has a small fuel tank which will require checking and refilling approximately every 1 to 1 1/2 hours.

This generator will usually only run one inflatable as additional power is required for inflating units which can make it work! Please note that this generator is not suitable or sufficient to inflate our Big Jungle Fun Run or our Disco Dome which both have 2 blowers. This generator can also struggle with our Pillow Wars unit due to its requirement of a massive draw of power on inflation.

Petrol fuelled, this Generator is supplied with a Fire Extinguisher and is roped off free of charge at all Public Events or Events taking place in a Public Place.

Price includes a tank of fuel for Charitable Events & Schools. For all other Events fuel is charged on top.

Price: From £65

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Outdoors on Artificial Grass
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